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Baptist Health

The Problem

120 facilities, 26 technologies and several outside vendors with no centralized data infrastructure. As a well-known force in the healthcare industry, Baptist Health was looking to turn their patient relationships into social experiences through their new online health and wellness community, Good for You. The website was developed with their “Changing Healthcare for Good” mantra in mind and aimed to provide community members with expert information on health, nutrition and more. As a relatively new initiative, the Baptist team’s primary focus was to grow their contacts and gain information on user behaviors.

The Solution

Triaged and piloted a test-campaign in a single facility with core business units, bringing fit-gap technologies (e.g., Salesforce and Marketo) to develop and optimize a sustainable blueprint for roll out to the entire Baptist Health.

In order for us to develop the Good for You audience, we had to start at square one. After performing consumer research and collaborating with the Baptist marketing team, we developed buyer personas that detailed the backgrounds, struggles, goals and behaviors of our ideal audience. Next, we made simple changes to their existing website to increase conversion opportunities and make the concept more clear to users. We used heat tracking to determine what website content users found most interesting and developed a strategy to create high-quality blog posts and weekly emails to increase user engagement. Then, we developed progressive profiling questions in our sign-up forms to better understand the type of information each user wants. Now, we are continuing to develop the Good for You community with a better idea of who our users are, what they value and how we can personalize each one’s experience.

The Results

Through a measured and focused process, we rolled out the CRM system to all 120 facilities.

With improved on-site conversion and a deeper customer understand we were able to drive:

  • Improved email conversion rate to 9.2%. (12x the industry standard)

  • Increased website leads by 48.3%.