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Halo Sport

The Problem

As a new entrant into a competitive landscape, Halo Hydration needed to find ways to differentiate and grow their audience, while improving their digital conversions.

Paid marketing in the Food & Beverage space had become increasingly difficult to maintain profitably, which required creative growth tactics and an air-tight conversion funnel to maximize returns.

Our Solution

Audience Growth was driven with alternative methods, delaying paid marketing until absolutely necessary. We were able to launch contest partnerships with complimentary brands and relevant industry partners in the health and wellness space. Additionally, we built an audience capture module to increase on-site engagement and audience understanding.

To ensure new customers drive a strong conversion rate and increased engagement, we introduced and optimized their Klaviyo account to expand into new revenue and audiences generated from flows and tailored email campaigns.

The Results

Through improved audience capture, automations and brand partnership, we were able to drive key metrics for Halo:

  • Increased ROAS 30% month over month for 3 months after launch.
  • Owned Audience in CRM increased 750% in 3 months