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Natural Heaven

The Problem

A strong entrant into the health food space, Natural Heaven was keen to grow digital revenues and audience, while maintaining their connection and tailored conversation with their customers. As traffic and interest in health foods grew online, Natural Heaven wanted to build a foundation and format to take advantage of the interest and grow their revenue and share of the space.

The Solution

To build a strong and simplified digital foundation, we introduced and optimized their Klaviyo account to expand into new revenue and audiences generated from flows and tailored email campaigns.

Expanding upon the marketing automations, we implemented an audience capture platform to gather valuable customer data that allowed for segmentations within the CRM.

The Results

Through improved audience capture, automations and customer segmentation, we were able to improve marketing metrics for eCommerce sales across the board:

  • Owned Audience in CRM grew 350%
  • Email Revenue improved >3000%
  • Site Traffic from Email improved 4500%