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Regency Centers

The Problem

As the largest national owner/operator/developer of shopping centers, Regency Center was struggling with a CRM that lacked clear insight to whom lived in the database, along with outdated/limited data. In order to communicate effectively with inbound leads, they needed clear insight into who these customers were.

The Solution

To set a strong foundation for future growth, we introduced an organizational platform and strategy for contact and company records to house accurate property/fields to allow real-time list segmentation along with behavioral data collection.

Develop a structure to allow the communication for B2C, B2B and internal Regency all to be housed within one CRM - a Centralized Marketing Database for Email Marketing

Increased efficiencies by introducing workflow automation that allows emails and communication to be sent without the manual work.

The Results

Through data organization, sourcing, and scrubbing we were able to identify and enrich 87% of the database with valuable insights to impact outbound communication.

With an improved CRM system in place, we were able to automate and assign them lifecycle stages, buyer personas, geographical locations and interests, driving significant improvement in open rates.