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Strut Health

The Problem

Strut Health, an emerging competitor in the Telehealth space, was driving significant traffic and interest to their brand, but struggled to convert traffic and leads into subscribers through their existing email strategy.

The Solution

Build and automate a communication strategy that enrolls contacts based on behavioral data collected.

Build a flow automations strategy that continues to properly nurture and communicate with the database to grow a loyal customer base.

Introduce a campaign strategy that is cohesive with the existing marketing strategy, but utilizes segmentation to cater to the database based on interests/behavioral data

The Results

Through email automations and improved segmentation, we were able to drive key metrics for Strut:

  • Increased revenue attributed to email automations by 65% within 30 days after the additional implementation of a welcome series, browse, and cart abandonment.

  • Increased open rates by 36% on email marketing through segmenting audiences and nurturing leads based on gender and product interest.